Tankless Hot Water Heaters and Hydronic Boilers

We carry the full line of Navien and NoritzTankless Hot Water Heaters and Hydronic Boilers as well as Munchkin Boilers. Our technicians can assist you in selecting which model best fits your needs and budget.


Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heater

Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heaters provide the Ultimate in Energy Efficiency with Hi-Tech Comfort

  • Easy installation and PVC venting
  • 3" SCH 40 solid PVC up to 100'
  • Industry's highest energy efficiency rating - 98%
  • Ready Link® Cascade System
  • Optional built-in recirculation system with buffer tank
  • Advanced Eco Navien technology
  • Extended lifecycle utilizing dual stainless steel heat exchangers
  • Advanced remote control - NR-10DU
  • Industry's best warranty!

Condensing Combination Water Heater

Condensing Combination Water Heater

Navien America's fin-type stainless-steel heat exchanger, stainless steel condensing heat exchanger and premixed burner is what makes this unit so unique.

A domestic water heater and space-heating applications, such as in-floor radiant heating, base-board heating and fan assistance air handler heating application, the Condensing Combination Water Heater from Navien has a BTU input of up to 200,000 to fit to any project.

  • Endless hot water supply (2~3 showers at the same time)
  • Ultra condensing efficiency (CAFUE=0.92)
  • Space saving design
  • 3"SCH 40 PVC venting up to 100´ with a maximum of 6 elbows
  • Optimal and stable operation
  • Eco friendly Navien technology
  • Easy installation
  • Best warranty


Tankless Water Heaters

Noritz Water Heater

Noritz is proud to introduce our most efficient tankless heaters, the next generation in tankless technology - condensing heaters. This innovation utilizes a dual heat exchanger, a fusion of stainless steel and copper heat exchangers. The 100% stainless steel component captures the residual heat from the exhaust temperature to preheat the incoming water before it runs through the main copper heat exchanger. This results in dramatic reduction of carbon dioxide and increases the heater's efficiency level to over 93%.

Tankless Hydronic Boilers

Noritz is the first tankless water heater manufacturer to introduce tankless hydronic boilers specifically designed for heating homes. These direct vent models provide quiet and constant heat to your home by providing hot water to applications such as cast-iron radiators and baseboards. These units share the same features as with our other heaters - space saving, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. They are capable of offering nine temperature settings and are fully-modulating, meaning energy is used efficiently. These tankless hydronic boilers are significantly smaller in size, weighing in at only 66 pounds vs conventional boilers' which typically weigh more than 300 pounds, giving your home more space to enjoy.



Munchkin Boiler

Munchkin Boilers are one of the most compact and efficient residential heaters available on the market today. Each residential Munchkin boiler will modulate its firing rate to match the energy needs of the living space. This feature provides additional savings versus traditional single firing heaters. With stainless steel construction, you can be assured that you are buying the highest quality appliance. Proven European technology, manufactured in the United States. A quiet operational appliance is just another benefit that comes with the Munchkin boiler.

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